"When I was looking for volunteer opportunities, I wanted to find something where I knew, without a doubt, that I was making a difference. The thing that is so compelling is that judges really do listen to what we have to say, and that makes a difference in the life of a child."

~ Lou S., Dallas CASA volunteer since 1997

Continuing Education

In order to keep current with issues that relate to the volunteer role, our volunteers are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education per year.

Continuing Education at Dallas CASA

Due to current limits on social gatherings, all in person Dallas CASA continuing education programs are being rescheduled. In the meantime, please look into the many virtual programs, webinars, podcasts, movies, TV programs and books listed to continue learning.

Dallas CASA Live Webinars

Types of Placements for Youth in Care

While in CPS conservatorship, youth may be placed in a variety of settings including foster homes, kinship homes, shelters, RTC’s, hospitals, and parent’s home amongst others. Supervisor Lindsey O’Hare will help advocates explore the differences between each type of placement and share some tips on working with caregivers in each type of placement.

When: Wednesday, May 204:30 – 6:00 p.m.
Cost: No cost
Registration: Register here / Zoom Webinar, link will be emailed to registered advocates

Women and Alcoholism: Separating Fact from Fiction and How YOU Can Help

Did you know that pushing for reunification too early into a woman’s recovery can be detrimental to the whole family unit? Join Lisa Kroencke and staff of The Magdalen House, a recovery community for women, to gain information on the disease model of alcoholism. They will provide data to show the pervasiveness of this disease, debunk common misconceptions about alcoholism, and provide insight on how advocates can help when someone on their case faces alcoholism.

When: Tuesday, May 26, 12:00 – 1:30 p.m.
Cost: No cost
Registration: Register here / Zoom Webinar, link will be emailed to registered advocates

Confidentiality: To Share or Not to Share

Many advocates wonder what confidential information can be shared with caregivers or teachers, what should and should not go in court reports, or how to answer questions from friends and family about their CASA case. Join experienced Dallas CASA supervisor Mary Thottukadavil, as she shares information and tips with advocates about accessing and protecting confidential information in your role as a Dallas CASA volunteer.

When:Thursday, May 28, 11:30 – 1:00 p.m.
Cost: No cost
Registration: Register here / Zoom Webinar, link will be emailed to registered advocates

New! Dallas CASA Online Learning Center

Dallas CASA volunteers now have access to online Dallas CASA Continuing Education courses and recorded webinars through our new learning management system, LearnUpon. To access available courses, advocates first need to register. During registration, when asked your “role” be sure to select “Sworn Volunteer” to receive access to continuing education courses. These courses are created and intended for Dallas CASA advocates; please do not share with others.

Registration: Register here
Contact Lindsey O’Hare with questions

Currently available courses include:
Medical Advocacy (2-hour online course)
Mental Health Advocacy (1.5-hour online course)

Continuing Education Independent Learning

Recommended Audio Programs

Click here for: Podcasts

Recommended Video Programs

Click here for: Webinars

Recommended Films

Click here forMovies and documentaries

Recommended Television Programs

Click here for: TV and special programs

Recommended Reading

In addition to attending classes and online training, advocates are also able to read books related to the work we do to receive continuing education credit hours. Each 50 pages equals 1 CE hour.  For example, if you read a book that is 300 pages long, you will receive 6 hours of continuing education credit.

Click here for theRecommended Reading List

Children’s Commission:  Parent Resource Guide

Have you wondered what the parents on your case go through or wanted to learn more about the CPS process? Imagine being scared, confused, embarrassed or angry and having to navigate the CPS and legal process. Take a glimpse into the role of a parent going through this process and receive 2.5 continuing education hours for self study.

Download Parent Resource GuideEnglish or Spanish

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