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The Campaign for Dallas CASA

All children have the right to be safe. 

Dallas CASA has recently concluded its transformation $37 million campaign launched in 2012 to ensure that every abused child in the protective care of the courts in Dallas County will have a CASA volunteer advocate.


Two out of five abused children in protective care in Dallas are waiting for a CASA volunteer. On an average day in Dallas County, nearly five children enter the foster care system. More than 4,600 Dallas children lived in protective care last year. Amidst an overwhelmed child welfare system, judges need detailed current information to make the best decisions for these children. CASA volunteers are trained to gather information that helps judges decide the best possible outcomes for the children.

A CASA volunteer can make all the difference in the life of an abused child. A CASA volunteer acts as the eyes and the ears of the courts. CASA volunteers get to know the children, review records, research information and talk to everyone involved in a child’s life – social workers attorneys, parents, teachers and family members. This enables CASA volunteers to form an understanding of the children’s circumstances and make recommendations that help judges decide the best permanent home for the children. And throughout this very difficult and frightening time, the children benefit emotionally from the steady support of caring dedicated volunteers.


Serving all the children means that Dallas CASA needs increased levels of support to recruit and train additional volunteer advocates and to hire additional program staff to supervise them.

At a cost of $2,030 per year to provide a CASA volunteer to help an abused child, the goal of the campaign was to double the number of children served from 2012 to 2016 and within the following years, serve every child. As the Campaign moved forward, Dallas County child welfare statistics did not stand still. In 2015, 18% more children were taken into protective care than the year before. Despite the surge, Dallas CASA was able to serve 58% of the children in protective care in 2015 and continues on its course to serve all children. In 2017, we served 76% of the children in protective care during the year. We will continue to broaden and strengthen our individual giving base and appeal to our foundation and corporate donors to help us keep pace with the growing need.

Thank you to those who have supported Abused Children Can’t Wait – The Campaign for Dallas CASA.

With your continued support, together, we can help abused children heal and become healthy, successful adults. Please help us make sure every abused child in Dallas has a CASA volunteer. To learn more, please contact Becca Haynes Leonard at 469-547-9445 or email.

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