DALLAS CASA needs more Black volunteers to serve Black children living in foster care.

Black children make up 22% of Dallas County’s child population, but account for 43% of children removed from home due to abuse or neglect. And only 15% of Dallas CASA volunteers are Black.

Dallas CASA serves children and families of all cultures, abilities, identities and backgrounds. We are committed to our goal of advocating for the best interest of all children in the foster care system and providing each child with the highest quality volunteer advocacy possible.

To meet this goal, we strive to recruit CASA volunteers of diverse backgrounds so that our volunteers can reflect the diversity of the children in the child welfare system in our community.

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Children and families of color are disproportionately represented in the child welfare system, both in Texas and nationwide. While we work hard to ensure all of our volunteers are trained, prepared and equipped to work with any child, we also know how important it can be for a young person to see someone who looks like them, talks like them and can speak with them directly about their experiences.

In order for CASA volunteers to advocate for a child’s best interest, they need to have a strong, trusting, positive relationship with the child. Children of color are more likely to form a deeper relationship with CASA volunteers who have been through similar life experiences and are comfortable having conversations with them about issues unique to their racial and ethnic identity.

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