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Hispanics for Dallas CASA

Bilingual Spanish-speaking volunteers are needed to serve children living in foster care.
Hispanics represent 55% of the child population in Dallas County and 30% of children removed from homes due to abuse or neglect. But only 13% of Dallas CASA volunteers are Hispanic.

Dallas CASA serves children and families of all cultures, abilities, identities and backgrounds. We are committed to our goal of advocating for the best interest of all children in the foster care system and providing each child with the highest quality volunteer advocacy possible.

To meet this goal, we strive to recruit CASA volunteers of diverse backgrounds so that our volunteers can reflect the diversity of the children in the child welfare system in our community.

ADVOCATE for a child who needs you.
Bilingual Spanish-speaking volunteers are needed to provide the best advocacy for Hispanic children. During their time in protective care, children may live in homes where no one looks like them or understands their cultural upbringing. When a Spanish-speaking volunteer advocate is assigned to a Hispanic child, an understanding of culture and habits help build trust and a closer relationship.

Many children in protective care come from families who only speak Spanish. Often CPS interviews with the parents are conducted via a translation phone line and critical information can be inaccurately communicated and families’ and children’s lives unnecessarily turned upside down.

Outcomes for children are more successful if language barriers are eliminated so that everyone involved understands how to best help a child and family through the proceedings of each case. Communication can be easier and more forthcoming if language barriers are reduced or eliminated. The time frame for building trust is shorter and crucial information may be divulged more quickly so that a child can receive the best care and protection.

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