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"As a teacher, I always worried about the students who were in foster care and wondered who was watching out for their best interests. Looking back on my cases and thinking about what might have happened if I had not been there is enough to keep me going. CASA volunteers give their time to make sure children are protected."

~ Cindy B., Dallas CASA volunteer since 2005

The Voice – Archives


November 2018 – Vincent and Genevieve Needed Patience

October 2018 – Matteo and Alejandra loved their Yaya and their foster family

September 2018 – Jacinta needed permanency

July 2018 – Bowen needed support

June 2018 – Cole needed life-saving heart surgery

April 2018 – Siblings needed each other and their CASA volunteer

March 2018 – Faye knew what was best for her


December 2017 – Sisters are home for the holidays with Papa

October 2017 – Can the Warren siblings live with their grandmother

September 2017 –  The Espinoza siblings needed someone to look out for them

August 2017 – Zadie’s broken arm revealed things weren’t okay at home

July 2017 –  Mason and Major wanted to be home with their mother

May 2017 – Emily had a CASA volunteer by her side

March 2017 – Two little girls needed security

January 2017 – Daniella faced adulthood alone


November 2016 –  Two brothers have a home for the holidays

October 2016 – Alicia needed help to grow

September 2016 – Stephanie needed her father

August 2016 – The Haslet siblings needed each other

July 2016 – Damon needed a male role model

June 2016 – George needed to know about his mother

May 2016 – Carlos wanted to play soccer

March 2016 – Gracie had never visited the dentist

January 2016 – Tommy needed educational intervention


December 2015 – Three brothers lived in squalor

November 2015 – David needed a father figure

October 2015 – Claudia needed help to confront her abuser in court

August 2015 – Tanisha needed a home before school started

July 2015 – Tyrone needed glasses

June 2015 – Tobias’ abuela needed help bringing him home

May 2015 – Elena knew only abuse and abandonment

2014 / 2013

June 2014 – Christopher knew only neglect and filth

November 2013 – Hannah needed someone she could count on

October 2013 – Sam and Ben’s mom was addicted to meth

September 2013 – Kaylee was neglected while her caregivers used drugs

August 2013 – Jessica was suffering because of medical neglect

July 2013 – Ashley was born addicted to cocaine

June 2013 – Michael bore the scars of his mother’s abuse

April 2013 – At age 5, Mark was on the verge of homelessness

February 2013 – As an infant, Jayden could not speak for himself

January 2013 – After a failed adoption, Ethan needed a special family


November 2012 – Because of neglect, she could hardly hold a crayon

September 2012 – Someone they could count on

July 2012 – Her parents were lost in a cycle of addiction

June 2012 – All she remembered was foster care

May 2012 – For Bobby and Matthew, life was a roller coaster of uncertainty

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