This is a photo of the 2018 NTGD banner

"This is the one thing I’ve done where I can say I’ve truly made a difference. More often than not, you see something happen with the children that shows you how exhausted the system is and how crucial your presence is in each case." 

~ Larry D., Dallas CASA volunteer since 1997

North Texas Giving Day

On one special day each September, the This is a photo of the NTGD 2018 graphicCommunities Foundation of Texas presents North Texas Giving Day, a day when a percentage of every gift North Texans make to their favorite charities is matched.

In just ten years, North Texas Giving Day has raised $243 million in charitable funds for the North Texas community.  This year alone, more than 157,000 donations to almost 2,700 local nonprofits in this single day of giving totaled $48 million.

In 2018, Dallas CASA supporters donated nearly $100,000 to help us achieve our goal of providing a volunteer advocate for all abused and neglected children in Dallas County who are removed from unsafe homes and placed into protective care.

These children need our help and our protection. We need your help to make that possible. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your support.

To learn more, visit North Texas Giving Day.