For many children, a CASA volunteer is the one constant during a frightening, uncertain time. These children have experienced terrible things. They have been physically abused, sexually abused, abandoned or neglected.

Children in CPS care have lost everything familiar – home, family, friends, and school – through no fault of their own. They leave home with next to nothing: clothes their parents may have hurriedly packed, perhaps a favorite stuffed animal, their belongings often quickly shoved into a trash bag. Their stories are heartbreaking. Their hope for the future is grim.

While many well-intentioned people are assigned to help, there is no single person to always be there, to consistently watch over these children and to ensure that they end up in safe, permanent and loving homes…unless there is a CASA volunteer for them.

Because CASA Was There


Elena knew only abuse and abandonment

For 12 years of life, Elena knew only abuse and abandonment. Yet when Dallas CASA advocate Karen took on Elena’s challenging and complex case, something changed for both of them.


Tyrone needed glasses

At only ten years old, Tyrone was already struggling in life. After being removed from his home due to neglect by his mother, Tyrone was living in foster care and needed someone to look out for his needs.


Two siblings needed their grandmother

For a decade as their mother struggled with drug addiction, two siblings would seek refuge at their grandmother’s house for days and even weeks at a time.


Tobias was lost in translation

From his birth, baby Tobias lived with his abuela. His drug-addicted parents lived in the home as well, but his grandmother was the caregiver who fed him, changed his diapers, sang him lullabies and rocked him to sleep.


Sophia needed special care

At only two weeks old, baby Sophia suffered a severe stroke due to an untreated illness, causing permanent brain damage and the need for lifelong medical care. But the worst was yet to come.