Welcome to Dallas CASA’s brand-new blog! We’re glad you’re here. In the coming weeks, we hope this blog becomes a place of learning, conversation and community on a critical issue in our community: how to help abused children.

In the Dallas CASA blog, we’re ready to address child welfare issues, advocacy tips to make our volunteers’ jobs easier and ideas for ways you can get involved.

Some people you can expect to hear from:

  • Volunteers advocating for kids in need right now
  • Ben Wilkins, Dallas CASA program director, who can offer tips for communicating with kids and spotting signs of abuse
  • Dallas CASA supporters who can tell us about how serving children in need has brought meaning to their lives
  • Kathleen M. LaValle, Dallas CASA’s executive director and president, and other child welfare stakeholders on important child welfare issues
  • Dallas CASA board members on Dallas CASA’s growth over the last ten years and into the next ten years

Do you have something you’d like to see us write about? A question you want answered? Contact Mindy Baxter.

Ready to speak up for children who can’t speak for themselves? Sign up for an information session.

Ready to help but not sure you have the time for advocacy? Join our Children’s Council or Young Professionals Group.

Just want to read some more? Come back next week to read about one of our volunteer advocates who recently testified in court on behalf of an abused child.