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For North Texas Giving Day, read Alaina and Natalie’s story

August 29, 2016

Home for Alaina and Natalie, 2 and 4, was yelling and fighting, drugs and police, chaos and instability.

One hot June day, a neighbor called police due to a loud fight between the girls’ parents. Police arrived to find the tiny girls cowering together under a table in the corner while their parents, both high on drugs, fought. The girls witnessed their parents being arrested, and police called Child Protective Services about the two little girls left with no one.

The girls were placed with friends of the family out of state. But after a death in that family, the girls were sent to live in foster care in Texas while their parents began drug rehabilitation services ordered by the court. The girls were frightened and confused, unable to eat or sleep and unsure when they might have to move again. They felt alone.

Where will Alaina and Natalie live? Will their parents get their lives on track? Is anyone looking out for the best interests of these terrified little girls? Read about what happens next.

Join us for North Texas Giving Day Sept. 22, and learn more about Alaina and Natalie. On North Texas Giving Day, Communities Foundation of Texas matches a percentage of every donation North Texans make to their favorite charities. For $1,910 per year, Dallas CASA can provide training and supervision for an advocate to help an abused child have a safe and permanent home. In 2015 on North Texas Giving Day, Dallas CASA supporters donated more than $80,000 to Dallas CASA, helping us serve more of North Texas’ most vulnerable children with one constant, caring adult looking out for each of them.

Children like Alaina and Natalie need our help and protection, and we need your help to make that possible.

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