Brothers Wanted to Go Home

Garrett and Lincoln were placed in foster care after their parents were arrested for shoplifting while Lincoln waited in the car. Their arrests were a wake-up call for the boys’ parents, who completed extensive drug, parenting and psychological services. But the CASA volunteer on the case, Karen, still never expected the gift she would receive at the end of the case.


Edgar Spent Six Years in Foster Care

Edgar spent six years in foster care, beginning when he was just five years old. Moved from home to home, assigned to different caseworkers and changing schools constantly, Edgar was assigned a Dallas CASA volunteer when he was 11 years old. Could his volunteer help find Edgar a permanent, loving home?


Four Siblings Wanted to Be Home for the Holidays

Jace, Zaria, Frank and Inez were in three different foster homes, feeling frightened and alone. Their mother was struggling to stay sober and attend counseling without transportation. What they all wanted most was to be home together for the holidays. With CASA’s support, the children’s mother found a way forward. But would it be enough for reunification?


Ryleah Had Never Eaten Dinner at a Table

When Ryleah and her six younger siblings came into foster care, they expected to eat their meals on the floor. They were used to sleeping in one bed together, and when they were in stores they shoplifted, filling their pockets as they’d learned to do. Their CASA volunteer Linda spent the next year advocating for safe, permanent homes for the children. The children told Linda they loved foster care because they had clean clothes, food and their own beds, but Linda wanted more for the children. She wanted them to know love.