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North Texas Giving Day: Alaina and Natalie’s Nana steps in

September 15, 2016

Alaina and Natalie’s parents’ rights were terminated, and the stress of placement changes had taken a tough toll on the girls, now 3 and 5. Natalie, the right age for kindergarten, did not know her colors or letters. Alaina was speech-delayed.  Both girls were severely underweight.

They loved their Nana and cherished weekly visits with her, but the girls had no bonded with their foster family who continued to report extremely concerning behavior from both girls. As Nana watched them struggle in foster care, she realized she had to make a home for these girls. Rebecca also realized Alaina and Natalie would be best served with Nana and she approached CPS about considering Nana again for placement.

Together, Nana and Rebecca called local agencies to get help with furniture and housing. Nana found childcare with family and friends approved by CPS. The process was slowed time and time again as the girls changed caseworkers. From their initial entry into foster care to the end of the case, the girls six different caseworkers. Through it all, they had one CASA – Rebecca. After almost a year of waiting, CPS approved Nana as a placement for the girls.

Finally, Alaina and Natalie were living together in a two-bedroom apartment. Within months, both girls were off all mood-stabilizing medications and no longer experiencing mood swings. In addition, both girls gained weight and grew several inches once they were in Nana’s home. Rebecca noted them smiling, making eye contact and appearing visibly more relaxed after moving to Nana’s house.

Can the girls find a forever home with Nana? Will they be allowed to stay in her home?

Join us for North Texas Giving Day Sept. 22, and learn more about Alaina and Natalie. On North Texas Giving Day, Communities Foundation of Texas matches a percentage of every donation North Texans make to their favorite charities. For $1,910 per year, Dallas CASA can provide training and supervision for an advocate to help an abused child have a safe and permanent home. In 2015 on North Texas Giving Day, Dallas CASA supporters donated more than $80,000 to Dallas CASA, helping us serve more of North Texas’ most vulnerable children with one constant, caring adult looking out for each of them.

Children like Alaina and Natalie need our help and protection, and we need your help to make that possible.

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