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Teenage Brothers Needed a Forever Family

August 29, 2019

The three Morris brothers were close to giving up on being part of a loving family after three years in foster care.

But an appearance on WFAA’s Wednesday’s Child changed their lives. It just took the Morris brothers a little while to realize it.

Removed from their mother who was abusing drugs, the boys were living in three separate foster placements in three different cities. Jason, the oldest at 15, was living in a foster home after a time in a residential treatment center in Central Texas. Jacob, age 12, was living in a home with four other foster boys south of Dallas. And Jamal, age 11, was living with a foster family in northeast Texas.

Their Dallas CASA volunteer advocate Chris saw from the start that the boys wanted to be together. For three years, Chris would drive between each boys’ placement once a month, ensuring the boys got time with each other. The visits cemented the boys’ relationship with Chris, and they shared with him they were anxious to be together again.

Together, Child Protective Services and Chris began looking for an adoptive home for the boys. Three teenage boys could be hard to find a family for, so WFAA’s Wednesday’s Child stepped forward and offered to film a segment on them.

After the boys’ segment aired on Wednesday’s Child, the Williams family contacted Child Protective Services. A stay-at-mother and football coach father, the pair had already adopted two children. They planned to adopt one more, but something about the three Morris brothers captivated them.

“After seeing the boys on Wednesday’s Child, I sent my husband the link and said ‘Buckle up, Buttercup. These are our boys,’” the mother said. “They had to be together.”

But the Morris brothers told Chris they weren’t interested. They’d been through so much change and held out hope a distant relative in Louisiana would change her mind and take them in. So they stayed in their foster placements, and Chris kept facilitating sibling visits and looking for a family for them. The distant relative said a final no, and the boys, especially Jason, started to contemplate aging out of foster care.

Six months later, the boys and Williams family happened to be at the same adoption matching event in Denton. The chemistry was apparent from the start. Jason and Mr. Williams started talking basketball, and pretty soon all three and Mr. Williams were on the court shooting baskets and laughing until long after the event ended. Jason, Jacob and Jamal saw a new future for the first time in years and agreed they wanted to give the Williams family a try.

They started with weekend visits to the Williams’ home, then one by one the boys were moved there permanently. The trio bonded with the Williams’ two preschool-aged children, also adopted out of foster care, and settled into a new life together for the first time in three years. The boys appreciate the small things – Jamal is a big brother. Jacob, who loves to look nice, has his own closet of clothes. Jason made the varsity football team. The threesome enjoyed, most of all, being together again.

The brothers were adopted by the Williams in July with more than 40 extended family members present. The family of seven wiped away tears of joy as the judge declared them officially a family.

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