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Dallas CASA Volunteer’s Grief Inspired Her Volunteerism

April 18, 2019

When Patricia Wylie-Davis lost her mother, she chose hope over despair.

To honor her mother, Kathleen Moore, a Dallas CASA volunteer, Wylie-Davis went through training to become a volunteer, too. She was sworn in this spring, two years after her mother had to resign from Dallas CASA due to health concerns.

“My mom was so passionate about what she was doing,” Patricia said. “She talked about the training and how much she felt like she was learning, and her passion was contagious. There just didn’t seem any better way for me to honor her than to follow in her footsteps.”

An insurance adviser, Wylie-Davis is married with children. “When mom went through her training, I listened a lot to what she learned and was interested myself,” she said. “But I also have three children and a job and a lot going on and thought at the time, I didn’t have time.”

But once her mother passed, Wylie-Davis couldn’t let go of the idea that she could carry on the volunteer role in her mother’s honor.

“Even when she was initially diagnosed with congestive heart failure, mom kept up the volunteering,” Wylie-Davis said. “I completed training and did all this in her honor. If mom could do it while sick, I could make time in my busy schedule”

Her mother passed in October of 2017, and Wylie-Davis was sworn in and took her first case about 18 months later. The same judge who swore in her mother swore in Wylie-Davis as well. Her three children attended the ceremony, which happened to be on the day before her mother’s birthday.

Wylie-Davis recently took her first case, which she is sharing with her best friend.

“I’ve been looking forward to this a long time and am grateful I’m able to do it,” she said.

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