Bilingual Dallas CASA Volunteer Finds Common Ground

Over the past five years, Amanda Paredes has worked six Dallas CASA cases involving eight children, most of whom came into care speaking Spanish. Raised speaking both English and Spanish at home, Amanda says making connections through shared language and culture with the children she serves has been critical for them.


Edgar Spent Six Years in Foster Care

Edgar spent six years in foster care, beginning when he was just five years old. Moved from home to home, assigned to different caseworkers and changing schools constantly, Edgar was assigned a Dallas CASA volunteer when he was 11 years old. Could his volunteer help find Edgar a permanent, loving home?

Four Siblings Wanted to Be Home for the Holidays

Jace, Zaria, Frank and Inez were in three different foster homes, feeling frightened and alone. Their mother was struggling to stay sober and attend counseling without transportation. What they all wanted most was to be home together for the holidays. With CASA’s support, the children’s mother found a way forward. But would it be enough for reunification?


Friends Celebrate Ten Years of Advocacy

Marian Glass and Stephanie Roberts were neighbors and friends who shared a love for children. As their own children began to leave home, they went through Dallas CASA training and decided to partner on cases. Ten years later, they’re still going strong, having worked 11 cases involving 42 children. Marian and Stephanie share their tips on successful advocacy on Dallas CASA’s blog.